The REIN is the most powerful and most durable complete weapon light system on the market. It features a field serviceable lens, a field-serviceable tail cap and electrically-isolated dual-switching for redundancy. It works with all existing light mounts. And it has the worlds first 3rd generation Light Control System (LCS) including a proprietary remote switch with tail-cap integration, oriented precisely for weapon-mounted use. REIN is redefining what a weapon light should be.

Standard kit i(push button only) includes:

1 Push-Button tail cap. Switch offers both momentary-on and constant-on capability.
1 Picatinny Rail Mount for the REIN, with all mounting hardware
1 Cloud Defensive labeled Nitecore Charger
1 Micro USB to USB cord
1 Samsung 30Q 18650 battery

– Made in the USA.
– Lifetime Warranty
– Modular 3-piece design makes the REIN upgradeable over time.
– Exceeds well over 60,000 Candela.
– 1,400 Lumens of output.
– IPX-8 waterproof rating.
– Proprietary Field-Serviceable Lens System.
– S7 Tool Steel bezel ring.
– Patented Battery Jack feature.
– Patented tail-cap cartridge is easily replaceable and allows for multiple configurations without removing the tail of the light.
– Shockproof. Dustproof.

Length: 6.14″
Weight: 5.3 oz.
Weight with battery: 6.9 oz.