The REIN Micro represents a quantum leap forward in both performance and critical features that shooters need and rely on. Putting out well over 55,000 Candela at 1,300 lumens, it’s the most powerful weapon light on the market. With the use of an Orbtronic 1200mah 18350, the REIN Micro’s battery has strong output with a shorter run-time of 40 minutes producing useable light for at least 3 straight hours.

– Made in the USA.
– Lifetime warranty.
– Modular 3-piece design makes the REIN upgradeable over time.
– Exceeds well over 55,000 Candela.
– 1,300 Lumens of output.
– IPX-8 waterproof rating.
– Proprietary Field-Serviceable Lens System.
– S7 Tool Steel bezel ring.
– Patented tail-cap cartridge is easily replaceable and allows for multiple configurations without removing the tail of the light.
– Shockproof. Dustproof.

Length: 4.91?
Weight: 4.95 oz.
Weight with battery: 5.75 oz.