Military Surplus M5A1 Bayonet with M8A1 Scabbard

The Military Surplus M5 Bayonet was adopted in 1953 as a replacement bayonet for previous versions designed for the M1 Garand rifle. The M5 bayonet is the only US bayonet that does not attach by a muzzle band around the rifle barrel. Instead, the M5 utilizes a stud that fits the gas cylinder lock screw under the M1 barrel. Due to complaints that the M1 bayonet was difficult to remove while wearing heavy winter gloves, the M5 features a lug release button that can be depressed to make removing the bayonet simple, even while wearing gloves.


While the M5 bayonet was a distinct upgrade of the M4 and mounts to the rifle differently, the blade profile is similar. This allows the M5 to utilize the same M8 and M8a1 scabbards in popular use for many previous bayonet versions. The M8 and M8a1 sheath both feature an olive drab fiberglass body with a steel throat. The original M8 was manufactured with only a cloth belt loop. However, during WWII it was determined that many troops preferred a method of attaching the scabbard to other gear. So, the M8a1 was designed with a double wire hook that would allow the bayonet to be carried either on the belt or attached to the straps of a pack.

M5 style bayonets were manufactured by 5 different contractors for the U.S military. The companies and bayonet style produced by each are listed below for reference purposes. This current supply has not been sorted by manufacturer and there is no preference given to one supplier over another.

  • Utica Cutlery Company, Utica, New York (M5 only)
  • Aerial Cutlery Company, Marinette, Wisconsin (M5 and M5-1)
  • Imperial Cutlery Company, Providence, Rhode Island (M5 and M5A1)
  • J & D Tool Company, Glenbrook, Connecticut (M5 and M5-1)
  • Columbus Milpar and Manufacturing Co., Columbus, Ohio (M5A1 only)



Grade 1: Excellent to New/Unissued – Military Surplus M5 Bayonets are genuine U. S. Government issued. Bayonets will be clean and show little signs of use. Small amounts of oil and light blemishes may be present.

Grade 2: Good to Very Good – Bayonets may show signs of use. Light debris may be present on the scabbard and bayonet. The handle may have painted numbers or initials on them. Blade may need a touch up, but no serious nicks or blemishes on the blade.

Grade 3: Fair to Serviceable – Bayonets may have slight rust blemishes and scabbards may be mismatched. Product may also have broken or missing belt clips, and/or broken or missing retention strap snaps. The handle may have painted numbers or initials on them.


Product Information

Condition Grade 1
Weight 11.5 Ounce
Overall Length 11.5 Inches
Blade Length 6.75 Inches
Blade Finish Black
Blade Shape Bayonet
Handle Color Black
Serrated No
Sheath Included Yes
Country of Origin United States of America
Meets US Military Specifications Yes

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 1.085 Pounds